Sunday, December 23, 2012


Loves this week:

Yesterday I received this beautiful present, this Chanel lipstick in the color Exaltee. It is the perfect berry color for my skin tone. I am kind of weird, but If I like something so much I usually will not use it, but this year I have been changing that kind of thinking into using everything I like even more! So I will try to use it everyday until it is gone!

My hot pink wallet by Michael Kors, such a vibrant and pretty color :) Been using it all year round, it looks a little bit worn but I still love it.

I am a flats kind of girl although sometimes I like to wear heels, flats are the ones I go for every day. I had to get new black ones, the old ones were looking really ugly. 
These are by Westies for Nine west . 

Bought two more nail polishes, last ones before the end of the year, I swear! hahaha. I have so many now these are going to be the last ones I buy and try to use all of the others I already have. I had to have them! it is my favorite shade of purple and I didn't have black glitter that actually sparkles. 

The black sparkle is called: Get carried away and the Purple one: Creative Fantasy, both by China Glaze for the collection Cirque du Soleil.

And last but not least my beautiful green eyed baby boy that I love so so much :)

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