Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hope you had a great year as well as I did. I got to meet new interesting people which have become good friends, read some wonderful books, painted a lot,  made lots of crafts and did as many sewing as I could. I am so happy living in my dream house where I feel safe and  I love everything I have, like my pets, my custom furniture and my wonderful studio. Also this year I had a relationship for a while which was something wonderful, even though it ended I feel so happy I had this experience because I learned so much about me and what I want and don't want in my life.

Now my wishes are very very different from what I wanted in 2014.  I just think so different from last year about everything that my goals and dreams took a different direction. So excited about everything that is coming for me this new year!

I will be posting more and more of my artwork here which I love to do and I hope you love to see them too.

Have a wonderful 2015, and may your wishes all come true!

See you soon :)

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