Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello Again :)

I really missed not blogging and not having my studio for many months because I wanted it a certain way before starting to work in it, special lightning, wall color and the right tables. But finally I have my studio ready just how I wanted it and I will start working very soon. I still don't have wifi but I am managing with the phone's internet to do some work.

These past months I have been traveling, arranging my house with the finishing touches and having fun. Now it is time for work and have fun doing illustrations and stuff I love.

 Been working a bit on my sketchbook.

Got to travel and had the most amazing lobster pizza!

Having fun with my friends :)

The christmas tree is ready, I am for Santa.

Got to snorkel in the sea with sharks in Holbox.

Also I am in love with dreamcatchers, I have been doing a lot of them lately and giving some as presents. 

I am back blogging and doing what I love :) 

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