Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random photos

Some random photos today.

1. Found another plant for the terrarium! Again, a plant that was very mistreated by the store and I had to buy it. I could see by the second day that this is much better than how it was.

2. I had nowhere to put neatly all of my rings and some of the earrings I have and I found this dress like piece to store them, I just I love it! it really looks really nice on the dresser next to my favorite LV bag.

3. New beads for my collection, these colors make me happy :)

4. Got  two of the Lady Gaga perfume as christmas presents and I love it, smells like grapes! My everyday perfume.

5. My favorite necklace right now. Been using it with everything.

6. My boy who is feeling under the weather with a little bit of flu. Yesterday he got a shot, and he is feeling much better.

And two songs I am obsessed with right now hahahaha

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