Wednesday, December 05, 2012

my christmas list

I hope santa brings me everything I want this year, this is my Christmas list :

1 A lightbox for my studio.

2 The cintiq, I need this urgently! My wrist is starting to hurt from using the mouse so much.       Even though I know it takes time to get used to it I really think would make my work much easier in the long run.

3 Clarasonic, everyone seems to love it and I really need to try it. It has been one of the things that I haven't decided to get or not for a long time until now.

4 Lots and lots of makeup, haha It is my obsession right now specially eyeshadow palettes  and lipgloss.

5 This purple Balenciaga! loooooove it! I have been drooling for this one for a few months now.

6 Hermes bracelet in orange. Love this brand and of course the letter H, my father's first letter name.

7 I'm going to furnish my new house and I am in love with Pier One, my entire house
will look like the catalogue and I really don't care because I am in love with everything they have in the store. They have many pieces with lots of color and that is what I am looking for. Lucky me, I have a store near me.

8 Terry cloth bathrobe.

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