Tuesday, July 31, 2012

indoor planting

Since I have been looking at so many indoor gardens lately I decided one day to go and buy seeds and see what happens. I had never grown anything before. I had a cactus once and died in a few weeks, probably because of so much water and not enough sunlight. 
So I went to a Home Depot near by and bought what I thought I needed after watching so many youtube videos about it. I bought seeds of course, soil and pots. I never thought about planting vegetables and fruits before and I didn't even knew you could do it indoors. I didn't want to do it in my backyard because we have so many centipedes and I am terrified to even look at them. So I decided to do everything indoors. 

 And this is what has happened so far.

These are some of the seeds I bought.

These are the Cherry Tomatoes. They are growing very fast. The top pic was the first day in soil. I applied the paper towel method to grow the seeds. And the second pic they have 3 days old.

These are the green peppers. The top pic is the first day after putting them in soil. the bottom pic has 3 days old. Not growing as fast as the Cherry tomato but growing.

And finally my artichokes which are taking a lot of time to grow. But I think this is the plant I am most excited about.

I am also growing garlic from the bulb, lettuce, jalapenos, onions, parsley, calabacita and mint.

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