Friday, June 26, 2009

other art materials

Since I am posting this on other sites *moleskine exchange blog* I will be posting this here too. I am always interested in what other people like about certain art materials that works for them. There are a lot of new things coming out  that I don't even know and maybe there is something that works much better than what I have been using. These are some of the things I work with every time.

One of many art materials that I LOVE are these micron black markers. I like these
because they come in different sizes. I think I will buy them forever! 

I love to work with colored pencils, I don't usually use one brand but 
I have three that I am used to color with: crayola, faber castell and prismacolor.

The paints that I use are these, Galeria Winsor and Newton which is very transparent I don't usually paint with this but I do backgrounds. Basic from liquitex is very creamy and covers everything and Golden which I like best.

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