Friday, July 06, 2007


I did not knew what the fuzz was about moleskine journals. A friend Margarita Garza gave me one for my birthday, she knew I was looking for one. Not long ago I started my first moleskine and I loved it! The pages are so smooth and the ink loves the paper the only problem that I found was that watercolor sometimes does not stick to the paper as it should, you have to wet the paper before painting. Still I love it! I also want to try the japanese and watercolor moleskine. Now I'm a moleskine fan. If you don't have one you have to try it.
I still have my normal sketchbook which I use only in my house, in this skethbook I have paintings and other stuff, very different from what I do in my moleskine which is what I see during the day, like a diary with images or things I want to remember from the day.
I will soon post some of the sketches from the moleskine and my normal journal, I still have one month to do a lot of paintings.

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